Winter Come 1

You play as Joane a very humble female warrior in the service of the king, she helps every person that needs help.

Winter Come is an Hack-and-slash Action Role-Playing game inspired by Runescape and Diablo III live-action control.

It was published for the last project for the Games & Apps Development Bachelors. Even though it is a short demo, it features a full blown quest-system similar to the one developed for Horizonte, but greatly improved. It also features a login system, notifications and feedback system.

Check the demo video here:

Winter Come Companion App

This is the companion app for Winter Come, it allows the user to check the player stats (limited in this version), do the in-game login with QR code and it has the potential to enrich the experience . The game, the app and the MERN backend were developed in about three months.
The source for this companion app is available at:
Winter Come 2



Rui Sousa

Winter Come 3
Winter come, winter come companion app and winter come backend were originally made under the last semester of the Graduate Degree in Game and Apps Development, held in about 3 months.