Bigmonte 5

Volley Boom!

Volley Boom! is a fast-paced arcade-style volleyball game, where, instead of volleyballs, you are playing with cannons and bombs!

Join a ragtag group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, where every place has turned into a beach, and the only pastime left is an explosive version of volleyball!

Guide them on this journey towards claiming new arenas and finding new opponents!

Games we made at IADE

Our great impetus in the development of games was made within the scope of the Games & Apps Development bachelor’s degree at IADE and in Game jams facilitated by the institution that allowed us to meet people with the most incredible skills. We worked with those projects with fantastic colleagues and teachers such as André Barbosa, Sérgio Nunes, Edirlei Lima, Nélio Códices, Bruno Miguel, Micaela,  João Dias, and more… Those games have no commercial purpose nor is it guaranteed to be polished by its authors.